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Rutgers New Jersey Water Resources Research Institute (NJWRRI)

The New Jersey Water Resources Research Institute is a federally funded program of research, training and information transfer concerning all aspects of fresh and estuarine water in the state. Its mission is to sponsor research on all aspects of water quality, water quantity, water use, and the management of water resources; to train students to become the next generation of water resource professionals for New Jersey; and to facilitate the transfer of information from researchers to the public.

Program Administrator:
Christopher Obropta, Ph.D., P.E.; Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station; Rutgers New Jersey Water Resources Research Institute (NJWRRI)

Use this site to learn about: water research in New Jersey; watershed and water monitoring initiatives; newsletters, books and articles about water; water events and conferences; links to water organizations, real-time data, and government agencies; and information about water courses at Rutgers University.

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