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Rutgers EcoComplex – Clean Energy Innovation Center

Featured Renewable Resources

PowerMarket – Community Solar

Making clean energy accessible and affordable by developing technical solutions for the advancement of shared renewable energy projects.

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Net Metering and Interconnection Standards

New Jersey’s net metering rules are to ensure that customers with small, on-site, renewable energy systems (solar, wind, and biopower) can easily connect to the electric grid through their utility companies.

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The State Science and Technology Institute (SSTI)

A national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving government-industry programs that encourage economic growth through the application of science and technology.

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Rutgers – Master of Business & Science with a Concentration in Sustainability

Designed to help students identify, analyze and better understand connections among social, environmental, technological and economic systems.

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Rutgers – Green Purchasing Program

Focuses on understanding the economic and environmental opportunities in strategically sourcing goods and services for organizations for the purpose of modifying processes and systems to shift mindsets.

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Rutgers Center for Environmental Prediction

The talents of faculty, staff, and students from several departments coalesce to form a focus for climate-related research and education at Rutgers University.

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Rutgers New Jersey Water Resources Research Institute (NJWRRI)

A federally funded program of research, training and information transfer concerning all aspects of fresh and estuarine water in the state.

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Solar Decathlon

A powerful educational tool not only for the decathletes who participate directly but also for homeowners, building professionals, teachers, and other students.

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