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Rutgers – Master of Business & Science with a Concentration in Sustainability

The Master of Business & Science with a concentration in Sustainability is designed to help students identify, analyze and better understand connections among social, environmental, technological and economic systems.

Program Administrator:
Rutgers Professional Science Master’s Program

Admission Requirements:
Individuals with a Bachelor’s degree or higher in a scientific or engineering discipline are encouraged to apply. It is recommended that students have completed: 1 year of calculus, 1 year of chemistry, 1 year of another science (e.g., environmental science, ecology, biology, physics, meteorology, air or water pollution, geology), and 1 semester of statistics. Previous education in environmental sciences is not required. In some cases, promising students without science or engineering majors may be accepted. The General GRE is required for admission. Students concerned about their preparation should contact the concentration coordinator.

See website for additional program details and requirements.
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