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Rutgers Energy Institute

The Rutgers Energy Institute (REI)  is engaged in four principal areas of activity: education of undergraduate and graduate students; pioneering research; outreach to the community to share information and engage the public; and policy advice to government, business, and civic leaders who require current knowledge about energy use, alternatives, and innovations to guide decision-making and public planning.

Program Administrator:
Rachael Shwon, Director; Rutgers Energy Institute (REI)

Main Objectives:

  • Research – Integrate basic research and real-world application to advance energy technologies that address biofuels, solar and wind energy, efficient energy use, and energy policy
  • Education – Train the next generation of leaders in energy research through multidisciplinary graduate and undergraduate programs that blend science, technology, economics, and policy
  • Outreach – Facilitating colloquia, workshops and seminars that stimulate interdisciplinary conversations on energy research and technologies, exploring energy topics most relevant to the Rutgers community, local businesses, homeowners, and politicians.
  • Advisory body – Provide objective information and advising the local, state, and national policy makers on energy technologies, alternative energy strategies and policy options
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