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Qualified Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Tax Credit – US Department of Energy

The program provides tax credit to purchasers of qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicles.

Terms & Qualifications:

  • New qualified PEV that draws propulsion using a traction battery that has at least five kilowatt-hours (kWh) of capacity.
  • Uses an external source of energy to recharge the battery.
  • Has a gross vehicle weight rating of up to 14,000 pounds, and meets specified emission standards.

Available Funding:

  • The minimum credit amount is $2,500, and the credit may be up to $7,500, based on each vehicle’s traction battery capacity and the gross vehicle weight rating.
  • The credit will begin to be phased out for each manufacturer in the second quarter following the calendar quarter in which a minimum of 200,000 qualified PEVs have been sold by that manufacturer for use in the United States. This tax credit applies to vehicles acquired after December 31, 2009. For more information, including qualifying vehicles and sales by manufacturer, see the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) PEV Credit website. Also refer to IRS Form 8936, which is available via the IRS Forms and Publications website.

Program Administrator:
US Department of Energy (DOE); Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE)


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