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Large Energy Users Program

The NJBPU Large Energy Users Program is designed to promote self-investment in energy efficiency and combined heat and power projects with incentives up to $4 million for eligible projects in the state’s largest commercial and industrial facilities.

Eligibility and Pre-Qualification:

  • Entities will be able submit enrollment qualifications for participation on a first-come, first-served basis. Entity shall be defined as (1) Public: having distinct and separate budgetary authority; (2) Public Schools: having distinct and separate budgetary authority; (3) Private: Non-residential companies including all related subsidiaries and affiliates regardless of separate EIN numbers or locations within New Jersey. Consistent with DOCKET NO. EOO7030203.
  • To qualify, eligible entities must have contributed a minimum of $300,000 into New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program fund in fiscal year 2015 defined from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015 (aggregate of all buildings/sites).
  • The total FY 2015 contribution is calculated as $0.025905/therm times total therms plus $0.003437/kWh times total kWh [i.e. NJCEP Contribution FY 2015 = ($0.025905/therm x total therms) + ($0.003437/kWh x total kWh)].
  • In order to be considered for incentives, the average billed peak demand of all facilities submitted in the Draft Energy Efficiency Plan (DEEP) or Final Energy Efficiency Plan (FEEP) must meet or exceed 400 kW and/or 4,000 DTh.
  • Qualifying entities will be ranked by amount of contribution to the NJCEP fund in FY 2015 from all eligible facilities (400 kW average annual billed peak demand or greater).
  • Once qualified, entities will be approved to submit their Draft Energy Efficiency Plan (DEEP) for fund reservation or the Final Energy Efficiency Plan (FEEP) for incentive commitment.

Program Administrator:
BPU, NJ Clean Energy Program

See program website for expiration dates, amounts vary per year.

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