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Center for Resource Solutions, Green-e

Center for Resource Solutions’ Green-e® certification program is the trusted global leader in clean energy certification. We make it easy for businesses and individuals to purchase verified clean energy with confidence, and for consumers to choose sustainable products and services. We advocate for the advancement of clean energy policy, markets, and technology, and believe in their economic and environmental benefits. By working together, we can power a renewable future.

Program Administrator:
Center for Resource Solutions – CRS

Services Provided:

  • Certification and verification of renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reductions in retail markets
    • Green-e Climate Program: certification program that sets environmental-integrity  and consumer-protection standards for greenhouse gas emission reductions sold in the voluntary market
    • Green-e Energy Program: certification and verification program for renewable energy
    • Green-e Marketplace Program: certification given to businesses that purchase a specified amount of renewable energy and met Green-E verification standards


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