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U.S. Business Advisor Laws and Regulations

The organization provides businesses with information on state and federal government, services and transactions.

Most small businesses need a combination of licenses and permits from both federal and state agencies.  The requirements and fees vary based on your business activities, location, and government rules.

Program Administrator:
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – EPA; Small Business Administration (SBA)

Services Provided:

  • Provides businesses with one-stop access to state and federal government information, services, and transactions.
  • Site provides links to over 20 sources of information, including:
    • 1990 Clean Air Act Amendment
    • Hazardous Waste Program
    • NOx Reduction Program
    • Ozone Regulations
    • Pesticide Regulation Notices
    • Permits & Licensing Information
    • Press Releases
    • Restricted Use Products

See program website for expiration dates.

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