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National Science Foundation – Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing (NM)

The NSF Nanomanufacturing (NM) program supports fundamental research to enable and improve the large-scale or customized manufacturing of nano-scale materials, structures, devices and systems.  A key focus of the program is research leading to new nanomanufacturing methods using batch or continuous processes, and top-down/bottom-up processes and their integration.  The NM program seeks to address manufacturability challenges such as scalability, customizability, sustainability, efficiency, controllability, and yield, including of integrated systems.  Model-based experimental verification and process validation approaches are encouraged.  Basic research in nanomanufacturing tools and unit processes with in-line or off-line metrology, and robust closed-loop process control are encouraged.

Program Administrator:
National Science Foundation (NSF); Directorate for Engineering (ENG)


See program website for expiration dates.


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