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New Jersey Natural Gas – Commercial Programs

Upfront costs remain a significant barrier to energy efficiency. NJNG’s The SAVEGREEN Project® provides affordable solutions to help reduce your energy usage and operating costs.

Available incentives from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™ (NJCEP) and New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG), including our 0% APR financing, can help make it affordable to implement the latest energy-efficiency best practices — from equipment upgrades to a whole-building approach.

SAVEGREEN on Main — for small businesses.

  • Designed for businesses with annual energy usage of less than 5,000 therms, this NJNG program starts with a no-cost energy analysis and provides an upfront 20% incentive on the total project cost.* Learn More

Direct Install — for small to mid-sized commercial, industrial and local government buildings.

  • This turnkey solution from NJCEP is designed for buildings with an average peak electric demand that did not exceed 200 kilowatts in the preceding 12 months. Start with a free energy assessment and combined incentives up to 100% of total project costs to minimize upfront expenses.* Learn more

NJ SmartStart Buildings — for larger commercial, industrial and local government buildings.

  • Brought to you from NJCEP, this program provides the opportunity to upgrade the efficiency of your project, whether you’re looking to renovate existing space or replace equipment. Combined incentives can help offset all or some of the costs of eligible measures. *Learn More

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