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Advanced Biofuel Payment Program

USDA Rural Development grant to support and ensure an expanding production of advanced biofuels by paying advanced biofuel producers for finished advanced biofuel products.

Terms & Qualifications:

  • Provides funding to eligible advanced biofuel producers in rural areas who produce fuel derived from renewable biomass including:
  • Biogas (including landfill gas and sewage waste treatment gas) produced through the conversion of organic matter from renewable biomass
  • Biofuel derived from waste material, including crop residue, other vegetative waste material, and food, yard and animal waste
  • Biofuel derived from hemicellulose, cellulose or lignin
  • Biofuel derived from sugar and starch (except corn kernel starch)
  • Butanol or other alcohols produced through the conversion of organic matter from Renewable Biomass
  • Diesel-equivalent fuel derived from renewable biomass, including animal fat and vegetable oil
  • Other fuels derived from cellulosic biomass

Available Funding:
Amount of each payment will depend on the number of producers participating in the program, the quantity of advanced biofuels being produced and the amount of funding available.

Program Administrator:
U.S. Department of Agriculture – USDA; Rural Development Field Office

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